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Leweak Pest Control Services Zimbabwe

We Offer environmental friendly and lasting pest control services https://www.facebook.com/leweakpestcontrol/ Phone: +263 77 714 2891 Email: [email protected] Pest control. 10 most common animal for pest control: Birds Termites Cockroaches Wasps Bees Ants Spiders Silverfish  Flying insects Rats & mice 

Securico Security

Excel guarding Services | CCTV | Fire/burglar Alarms | Access Control | Cash Management | Risk Audits & Investigations https://www.facebook.com/securicozim/ Phone:  +263 77 214 0774 Email: [email protected] Security& Alarms. 10 most common home security services / issues:  Bad locks used on exterior doors Inadequate reinforcement of door frames Poor or no locking hardware on windows […]

DreamHouse Roofing Zimbabwe

DreamHouse Roofing is a market leader in the installation of residential and commercial roofing in Zimbabwe. Strategic alliances with the largest roofing products’ manufacturers and engineers enable us to provide our customers with the best quality in the business. This is one of the many reasons we are the most preferred roofing company in Zimbabwe. […]