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We are African Property Group, the first real estate network of websites in Africa. We help local people, individuals or professionals, either they are agents, agencies or others, to easily and quickly buy, sell and rent properties all over Zimbabwe.

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4-Bedroom House for Sale in Aspindale Park

  • $65,000
  • 4 ba
  • 1 sqm

Spacious 3-Bedroom House with Cottage for Sale in Malbereign Heights Park

  • $130,000
  • 3 bd
  • 1 sqm

Cozy 3-Bedroom House with Cottage for Sale in Cranborne

  • $110,000
  • 3 bd

Renovated 3-Bedroom House in Mabelreign, Ideal for Residential and Commercial Use

  • $145,000
  • 3 bd
  • 1 sqm

Charming 3-Bedroom House with Cottage in Mabelreign

  • $120,000
  • 3 bd
  • 1 sqm

Modern 4-Bedroom House in Madokero Estate

  • $115,000
  • 4 bd
  • 1 sqm

3-Bedroom House in Waterfalls Mainway Meadows – 90% Complete

  • $70,000
  • 3 bd
  • 1 sqm

Versatile 2-Bedroom House in Arcadia, Ideal for Residential or Commercial Use

  • $160,000
  • 2 bd
  • 1 sqm