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Top six reasons that make Harare the best city

Top six reasons that make Harare the best city

Harare is one of the best cities in Africa that most people would wish to live within. With the rich Zimbabweans culture within the country, Harare is more outstanding compared to many towns within Africa. Here are the six reasons that make it stand out from other cities in Africa;

The sunshine city

With the jacaranda trees blooming during September, the purple flowers from the trees make the city attractive during the summer. With the town’s hilly landscape, the sunshine provides spectacular views.

Wildlife Game Reserves

The city is rich in wildlife both horse riding, viewing of the Big Five animals like the elephants and giraffes. You can visit the Mukuvisi Woodlands which is a short distance from the town center.

Water activities

Lake Chivero provides a cool breeze for boat riding and good viewing of the beach of the lake while sipping a drink of your choice. Seventy kilometers from the city center there are Darwandale Dam and Arcadia Dam that provides fishing grounds in case you are a fan of fishing.

Music festivals

Harare town plays every type of music during its annual music festivals which attracts people around the world. There is also a Shoko festivals which celebrate the urban culture wholesomely.

National Achieves

The town’s National Achieves located near Borrowdale suburbs, and the Army Headquarters has the rich history of Zimbabwe. There is the National Art Gallery within the town and experience the first-hand creativity from the artists. You are challenged once in the Gallery buy an item to promote the local talent.

The Social Scene

The town has got many places that cater to everyone’s needs whether a pub, restaurant or a hotel depending on what you feel like having.



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