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Zimbabwe Keeps Borders Closed

Zimbabwe Keeps Borders Closed

Although South Africa recently announced the borders to be opened, especially Beitbridge, Zimbabwe kept borders shut following the government’s regulations for lockdown still in place. Traders’ cross border showed excitement upon learning about the reopening of South African borders, and the Beitbridge post, for travelers and tourists. South Africa allowed Beitbridge Post to be opened, […]

Irregularities in policies are sabotaging the Real Estate in Zimbabwe.

Irregularities in policies are sabotaging the Real Estate in Zimbabwe.

Recently, property development and investment organization Mashonaland Holdings Limited published a trading update spanning the first quarter. It established a few problems that were severely limiting the industry of real estate. These conditions have further deteriorated due to the outbreak of the pandemic of Novel Coronavirus. The organization states that the sharp and consistent fall […]


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FUNTECH SYSTEMS training academy specializes in training Cloud Computing IT Certifications which will equip you with skills relevant to the Internet Age. https://www.facebook.com/funtechsystems/ Phone: +263 24 2772811 Email: [email protected] Computers & networks. 10 most common home related IT issues / tasks: Hardware troubleshooting & problems Software troubleshooting & problems Security concerns / hacking and Internet attacks  […]

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Property Render

Architectural Visualisations, Photo Editing, Virtual Staging, Video Editing and many more services to boost your property marketing. https://www.facebook.com/proprender/            Email : [email protected]                       Property photographer & home staging. 10 most common property photo services: Photo rendering and improvements Decluttering of details in photos Item removals Virtual renovations 3D floor plans Virtual home staging  Image enhancement Home […]

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