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Tips And Tricks To Control Pest Infestation

Tips And Tricks To Control Pest Infestation

In Zimbabwe pests like spiders, ants, termites, and cockroaches can give you a headache. They are capable of spreading infections, along with the destruction of your property. Many people avail the services of pest control companies to save their premises from these pests. However, you can save some bucks and get rid of these pests by using the below-mentioned techniques.

a) Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A dirty, damp atmosphere is ideal for the pests to thrive. Therefore, keep your kitchen counters and drawers clean to save your property from pest infestation. Wipe your kitchen slabs with disinfectants regularly. In addition, look out for the lying food particles in the kitchen and remove them as soon as you see them because they can attract insects like ants and cockroaches. You will witness the reduction of pests in your house after implementing this technique properly.

b) Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

Try to keep your bathroom clean and dry all the time. For example, your pot should be cleaned at least every alternate day, and your sink should be cleaned at least once a week with good bathroom cleaners. Remove hair and soap particles from the drains to avoid clogging. Also, remove the wet shower curtain and replace it with the dry one.

c) Ills Of Stagnant Water

Stagnant water can be a source of diseases like malaria and dengue because mosquitoes thrive on stagnant water. So keep your bathroom buckets dry all the time. Moreover, do not collect the air-conditioner’s water in a bucket or utensil. Instead, carry that water directly into the drain through a pipe.

d) Keep Fruits and Vegetables Inside The Refrigerator

Most people keep fruits and vegetables on their dining tables or in their kitchen. Unfortunately, this can attract flies and other insects. Therefore, always keep fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator to save yourself from unwanted visitors (Pests).

e) Garbage Disposal Is The Key

Garbage, especially rotten food particles, attracts rodents like rats and cockroaches. Dispose of your garbage daily if you want these pests to stay away from your property.

f) Garden Maintenance

Look out for the areas in your garden where water can accumulate. Fill in those areas with sand to avoid the stagnancy of water. Furthermore, clean your pond or fountain regularly. In addition to this, trim your plants regularly because their wild bushy growth can provide shelter to mosquitoes, rats, and ants.

g) Window Netting

Keep your house protected from flies and mosquitoes by keeping a net on your windows. Nets will assist in ventilation and can restrict pests from entering the premises.

h) Dispose of Unwanted things

Dispose of every unwanted thing lying in your house. These things occupy space in your house and host a variety of insects. Either sell such things or throw them away, but get rid of such things as early as possible.

i) Avail Pest Control Services

Professional pest control service providers can only do the complete extermination of pests. So, if you want complete eradication of pests instead of reducing their number, always take pest control professionals’ services.



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